Bing SEO – Few mistakes to avoid!


Within a few months, Bing will produce over 30% of results for searches based keyword (all search engines integrated): a mechanical impact arising from the alliance in between Yahoo! – Microsoft, and will quickly become the primary competitor Google. An advancement that has not gone undetected, and forcing webmasters, bloggers, professionals and administrators of websites to resolve the specific SEO strategies bound to search engine from Microsoft. If there are numerous resemblances with the rules of indexing on Google, but Bing likewise has some peculiarities. Here is a mini-guide on the important points for theĀ Bing SEO

3 mistakes to prevent

Like Google, Bing does not like SEO “Cheaters”: whether copy and paste contents (duplicate content) or saturating a web page keywords, the charge is always the same: the danger that your Page Rank drop, see to be prohibited from online search engine results, is really real.

Distribution/Additional Content

– Bing suggests to thematize the contents “one subject per page”. The web pages without pictures should not surpass 150 KB.

– Note that, if you wish to reference contact data (eg for business), make sure that they in the text on the internet, in addition to the image or logo design.

– Submit a site map (sitemap) is vital to assist the SEO of websites: especially if your site includes embedded links to the menus that are not available by MSNBot. See here to send a sitemap.

– The website should not contain too many levels of hierarchy: Bing recommends that each websites is located no greater than three clicks from the homepage.
The inbound and outbound links

Inbound links: Bing points out that the acquisition of inbound links is a secret for the SEO on the engine. Quality backlinks is important. To do this, websites referees must have a great credibility (PageRank) and a style related to their own material (importance).

Outbound Links: The same guideline uses to outbound links. Bing recommends the addition of quality links: the more they will be monitored, the more associated material is deemed pertinent and that will improve the ranking of the site.

Bing also suggests preventing the following three lines:

– Increasing artificially the text content of a page with irrelevant keywords: overexploiting the ALT attribute in its websites, to add keywords that do not show the material thereof.
– Usage concealed words and links
– Using a method called “link farming”, which include producing immediately or manually (in any case synthetically) connect to your website to improve page rank.